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30/01/15 | 1322
: bored
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...and I'm still here!

Been thinking a bit about the future of metal, as catalysed by an excellent blog called Poetry of Subculture... that and ANUS.com, repugnant though the members (ha!) might be to me. Lyrically, I think I have it all figured out - the next step is, as it were, to step backward, to regain the triumph, the self-assuredness, to stop using commas where I should really end one sentence and somehow start another. We're at war with everyone who's not us, in a way, but it's so insipid now that no-one really means it. We don't need to fight those we simply look down on!

The biggest enemy is, perhaps, within: as clichéd as that sounds. Conqueror's gold + the rush of a new introspection = the future?

Order From Chaos did this well.

No idea about style yet; don't want to overthink that either. Conscious attempts at genre-melding can only be a disaster in the hands of the relatively untrained. No reason to overly focus on 'staying metal'. If I veer away from being recognisably brutal or whatever - so be it!

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