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Thoughts on tenacity. (Only they turned out not to be, pfft.)

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19/03/12 | 2322
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Probably the strongest quality I possess.

The more I think about 'forming good habits', the less I like the surface-level implications: form a routine -> perform the routine thoughtlessly but repeatedly -> improvement. Even the habit of performing the routine can be thought of as a bad one if it becomes its own reason.

As far as I can see, there are two basic things one must have to be successful: awareness and vision, used in conjunction with experience which is gained through regular application of the first two.

Before practice:
Why am I doing this? What do I want to achieve in the short and (very) long term? (VISION)

During practice:
What is the purpose of doing this? (AWARENESS)
How does it compare to what I want to be doing? (VISION)
How can I improve its execution? (AWARENESS)

I see I touched on the topic two journal entries ago when I started rambling (as usual). I'm pleased to announce that I have in fact been pretty much following on from what I said; with my violin practice, at least. If I'd thought about what I was doing when I was younger and getting by on the absolute minimum, I'd have been at a great advantage - there's still time, though, and I have what is probably a frightening amount of self-belief.

To anyone who reads this: what are the things you practice? How do you practice them? Do you have routines? Does this post actually make sense or should I be going to sleep?

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